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A PC User's Guide For Avoiding the Grief of Losing your Information

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Who is E-Novative, Inc.

E-Novative has been a software development and IT consulting firm since 1999

So your business runs more smoothly, we integrate technology with your business by taking your business model and writing custom software and integrating it with your existing software such as QuickBooks. This includes applications for the Internet as well as integrating e-commerce solutions with custom web applications.

Avram Grossman

Avram Grossman started E-Novative, Inc. in 1999, as website design and development business, writing custom Internet-based websites and database programs for e-commerce clients. As the Internet environment changed, E-Novative too continued to evolve.

Today, Mr. Grossman provides IT Technical solutions for complex business models that want to incorporate the myriad of third-party technologies platforms that “integrate technology for your business, the way you do business.”

Prior to forming E-Novative, Mr. Grossman was the director for Technology Business Development at Samsung America where he started one of the first Internet e commerce development services in the North America, along with helping to pave the way to allow the use of credit cards for online purchases. Along with starting SAILAhead Internet Services for Samsung, Mr. Grossman provided a technical perspective and analysis of new and emerging technology business investments, and assisted the R&D team in Korea with new product development.

Serving as the Director of Research and Development at Toshiba America, Mr. Grossman lead a team to develop cutting-edge technology solutions for tomorrow using today’s technology. He created one of the first touch-panel pen notebook PCs; developed the application of spread-spectrum radio for what is now known as the 802-11 or Wi-Fi standard; and established a patent and technology outreach program bridging North American inventors with product developers in Japan.

Mr. Grossman invented the “CardGrabber Business Card Scanning System,” developed a biomedical device for high-risk home fetal monitoring, and is co-inventor of the “One-For-All” Universal Remote Controller. He has a number of other patents to his name.

As European Technical Support for Itel International and based in Frankfurt, Germany, Avram was one of the few people in the world who knew the AS/5 (an IBM 370/158) mainframe operating console inside and out. He was the final tech support person in the chain when there was a critical Mainframe computer problem. His response to every problem was “failure is not an option.” If he couldn’t find and fix the problem, there was nobody else he could call for help.

Mr. Grossman provides IT Consulting service, resolving complex problems and development of complex software solutions.

The Book

Many of us in the IT profession seem to have very few problems with our own personal computers and laptops. Yet our clients seem to get a dizzying assortment of computer errors and issues. What is the difference between our computers and the computers our clients use?

As a colleague once said “computers don’t break themselves, People do it.”

  • Are you treating your computer with the respect it deserves?
  • Do you fear your computer because you don’t understand how it works and what it is doing?
  • Are you not sure what is the best way to use your computer and how to avoid losing your information?
This book will help you know more about the technology that goes into making your personal computer work. You'll learn more than you ever wanted to know, but knowledge is power, and you are the master of your PC.

For a limited time, download a FREE e-book version.

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Mr. Grossman is available to help you with your personal computer issues and concerns, for either personal or business office.
Please contact E-Novative, Inc. for more information.


Mr. Grossman is available to talk to your PC User's Group or business organization.
Please contact E-Novative, Inc. for more information.

What We Do

Integrating Technology With Your Business - The Way YOU Do Business.

E-Commerce Design & Development • Custom Applications & Integration
• IT Infrastructure • Data Center Hosting • Technology Planning
If you can't find it available off-the-shelf, we can create it for you.

Information Systems

IT infrastructure planning and evaluation Data Servers, Computers, Workstations, operating systems and topology planning Networking and wireless connectivity Security and Risk Analysis

Internet and Applications Solutions

Internet presence site design, SEO, hosting, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Custom Desktop Application Programs. Mobile Applications. Database Architecture. Integration and migration of legacy data-driven information systems. QuickBooks Enterprise solutions.

Web Design

Complete design, development and maintenance of your E-Business web site. E-Novative specializes in interactive, real-time database-driven solutions that reflects how you conduct business and let’s your customers know you care about them.

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