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Now Offering DRONE Photography

Avram Grossman has been a semi-professional photographer since 1968.  Having taken over 300,000 photos, some of which have been shown in photography shows, he now turns his lens to the sky. 

As a private pilot, he did commercial aerial photography in Frankfurt Germany, from the pilot's seat of a small Cesna. 

Now with the advent of the drone, he is using the latest state-of-the-art Mavic 2 Pro with 20Megapixel 4K resolution Hasseblad camera system.  This is his third drone and by far the best drone for it's price on the market.

E-Novative is now offering aerial photography services for your event:  Be it a tradeshow, company outing, or to get a different video perspective of your new product, Avram can produce a stunning fully edited video, including still photography and background music, for a very reasonal cost.

For more information please contact Avram Grossman at 949-660-0450 x110 

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