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Convert to VoIP Telephones

University Community Association, one of the first home owner association communities in the United States, maintains an office that services their 971 homes on 47 acres of greenbelt parkways in Irvine, CA. 

A cable modem connection provides them with Internet access and a two-line digital to analog phone sysetm with a consumer-quality telephone answering machine with cordless phones.

E-Novative has recently upgraded their communication infrastructure to a higher-speed cable Internet connection; installed a 3CX digital PBX on premises with auto-attendant features, several high-quality POE (power over internet) VoIP desk phones, a speakerphone for the conference table, and installed two HTDV wall-mount televisions for displaying home owner meeting presentations, all connected to an extended-range wireless (Wi-Fi) network. 

The overall upgrade brings this HOA into the 21st century and all the while reduces their overall monthly cable Internet and communications costs.

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