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Client Hit By Ransomware

We've all read about virus', Trojans, malware and of course Ransomware.

But how many of you have put in the time, effort and cost to protectect yourself against these instrusions, or in the case of ransomware, destruction of your database and programs?

Well, one client did not heed the warning, thinking 'this won't happen to us, we're too small."  Well a year after the recommendation was given, they were it by the newest, nastiest ransomware and encryption seen yet.  It encrypted all their data, and all their backup data on the network drives.  It was an almost total wipeout of everything.

Fortunately, I had been secretly moving their accounting database off-site to my datacenter, just as a precaution.

Having to rebuild their server from the ground up with a fresh operating system install, configuration, network connections and applications installed and database restored, they are able to get back to work with very little loss. 

However, not without 30+ hours of work to get them back up and running.

If they only had proper intrusion prevention systems and image backups running with off-site storage, the might not have been affected at all, or the recover time would be in minutes, not weeks.

Is your small business properly protected?  Call E-Novative to find out.  949-660-0450  x110


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