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Digital PBX Installations

Does your business use land-line telephone numbers, or have a proprietary digital PBX system that was installed decades ago? 

Do you want to upgrade you phone system that takes advantage of the low cost SIP Trunk numbers that give you unlimited incoming and outgoing and long distance for a mere fraction of what AT&T or a cable company provides?

Moving to an all-digital Internet-based system is quite easy and inexpensive.  If you already have an Ethernet network in your small office/home office, or business, adding a full-features PBX with automated-attendant, voice-mail, call routing, intercom, conference calling and more, is very inexpensive.  

In a recent case, we re-purposed a Windows 7 PC, upgraded to Windows 10, and installed 3CX PBX for about $45.00

Adding IP office telephones at $39 each, we were able to install a small business system for under $500.  Porting the existing single business telephone number the the client was paying $95/month for, we replace it with a SIP Trunk, 4 simultaneous calls for $7.95/month.

To find out how E-Novative can improve your telephone communications and save you money, please contact Avram Grossman at 949-660-0450 x110 (using a 3CX PBX at our office!)

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