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Point to Point Microwave Network

E-Novative, working with the Irvine Disaster Emergency Communition (IDEC), team (in cooperation with the Irvine Police Department) on their Mesh network, has developed a set of skills and interfaces for 5GHz microwave technology.  Using off-the-shelf components, ENI built and is using this 5GHz microwave system to exchange TCP/IP traffice at speeds up to 150Mb/s.  

Connecting this "node" to other nodes in a mesh network, ENI is able to establish a 'private' network being used for VoIP PBX telephone services, email services, chat and video services and more.  All of this is "off grid" meaning should there be a wide-area outage of telephone and Internet services this Mesh network provides emergency communication for law enforements, first-responders and emergency teams.  This mesh network covers over 900 nodes throughout southern california.

For more information on how E-Novative is helping small and medium (and large) companies get and stay connected using leading-edge innovative solutions, please contact Avram Grossman at 949-660-0450 x110

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