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E-Novative once again saves the day.  A client was having Internet issues, so rather than the E-Novative, they call their Internet service provider.  Of course, the issue with was their Internet speeds.  The cable Internet guy came out and rebooted their router which resolved the issue with registration, but in the process inadvertantly dislodged a cable from the router.  This cable was the ethernet connection to the database server.

Since E-Novative installed and configured their database sever, they of course called ENI.  It took about 5 minutes to diagnose and fix the issue.  An RJ-45 connector was still plugged into the router port, but was not pushed in all the way.

If you have ANY technical issues with your network, servers, computers, software or other IT-related matters, please call E-Novative. We have the experience and knowledge to quickly diagnose and resolve most IT problems.

Call ENI at 949-5-66.-0450  Ext. 110 and find out how E-Novative can keep your business running, and save you money on services calls by other so-called professionals who are not!

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