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E-Novative has been involved with the Irvine Disaster Emergency Communication (IDEC) team for the past 3 years.  IDEC is comprised of licensed Amateur Radio operators or Hams.  Avram Grossman got his "ticket" while in High School, and has since upgraded his old license to a new General Class radio license. KN6BMO.

IDEC, in addition to providing emergency voice communication via their network for 70cm repeaters, they also use 5.3GHz microwave MESH network using the AREDN system.  This provides digital communication between home base stations, remote nodes deployed in the field during an emergency, and back to the central Emergency Managment team.  The system encorporates a VoIP telephone network, digital "Chat", email and FTP services, and many nodes in the field have PTZ cameras, providing a visual to the command center.

During this weekends "Great OC Shakeout" drill, IDEC deployed 15 people at 5 designated shelters (mostly high schools and community centers) to hone their skills at sending and receiving FEMA messages and instructions.  The drill was a success.

For more information on how E-Novative can help your small business utilize low-power microwave systems to expand your business LAN, contact Avram Grossman at 949-533-9694.

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