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Upgrades to Sound-Tracker Program

Sound-Image of California, the worlds leader is touring band equipment rental, relies on the "Sound-Tracker" program to tracks it's billion (with a "B") dollar-plus inventory world-wide.  Since 1995, E-Novative wrote this system and has been providing functional updates.  

The most recent update includes additional report generation (using Crystal Reports) to display the location of each piece of equipment.  Often trying to physically locate an amplier that has been put into a Amp rack can be tedious, especially if the Amp was transfered to one of serveral warehouses in the US.  This new report makes it quicker to know where to look.  If it's not there...then the fun begins.

It is policy that any time a piece of equipment goes into a rack or case it is scanned in, and then scanned out when removed. A custom scanner program was written (using Windows Mobile C#) for the Symbol bluetooth barcode scanners.   When something leaves the warehouse, it too is scanned out to a tour, and then checked back in when the tour is over.  Anything not checked back in - well, it goes on the 'missing' list.

Recent changes includes the ability to indicate which items are PC-based enclosures that hold audio processing cards, and to place and cards into these Chassis.  The cards are tracked as to which Chassis they are in.  Then, the Chassis may be placed inside shipping cases which is also tracked.  Everything must be recorded when it goes out on tour and returned, and history of location also recorded.

For more information on how E-Novative can create inventory management and tracking software for your business, please contact Avram Grossman at 949-660-0450 x110.


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