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E-Novative To Design Custom Delivery System

One of the largest rice noodle manufacturing companies in southern California, with over $82M in annual sales, produces and delivers noodles using a paper-based order and tracking system.  This manual system has been used for 35 years and has worked well for them.  However, expanding their business to new regions demands a more efficient way to run the operation.

E-Novative, with their extensive experience in building inventory and delivery system, was contracted to design and build the electronic system.  Using QuickBooks Enterprise as the accounting platform, ENI is writing a custom desktop application that allows orders to be entered by their customers directly, via an order entry website.  Daily orders are displayed on a large-format monitor in production, so production will know how much product to produce each evening.  In the morning, the palets will be loaded for each driver. 

Then, using a mobile barcode scanner with GSM, similar to that used by UPS and FedEx, the drivers will deliver product against the orders placed.  Relaying the delivery back to the office as they occur, management will be able to issue invoices and credits during business hours.

The entire system will free up time of 4 employees working all night reconciling deliveries by paper, and replace it with an automated solution.

For more information please contact Avram Grossman at E-Novative, Inc.  949-660-0450 x110

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