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E-Novative Configures Project Server 2016 w/SharePoint


Electronics Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing is a complex process. Project Planning is likely the most critical step of any design development effort.  Great product ideas often fail due to poor project planning and implementation of the project. Great care must be taken at the planning phase of the product development cycle to ensure that a strong base of decision is taken. These decisions will dictate the success and failure of the end product.


Microsoft Project is a sophisticated Project Planning resource; however as a desktop version it has its limitations.   Project Server 2016, integrated with SharePoint Server 2016, enables all project managers to access any particular project plan remotely.  This is especially if project team members are located in different countries and in different time zones.


E-Novative completed the installation and configuration of Project Server 2016/SharePoint Server 2016 with desktop versions of Project 2016 for each project manager.  Converting past projects into templates, it is much easier for project managers to plan and track R&D efforts.


For more information please contact Avram Grossman


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