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ENI Designs eSoul Interface for KIA

Working with UC Irvine Advanced Energy Research Department, in conjunction with the AQMD and KIA Motors, E-Novative is designing an interface API to the KIA UVO server.

Lithium-Ion batteries are the power-store for all new electric vehicles.  Properly using these batteries is critical to the longevity of Lithium-Ion.  Every vechile built has a data acquisition system built-in that can send vehicle data back to the manufacturer and vehicle owner to see how their vechicle is performing.

In an effort to optimize vehicle driving range and battery recharge life-cycle, UCI APEP has developed an algorithm that computes the driving distance capable based on the current charge level, and determines when to activate the charger when connected to a recharge station.

E-Novative is writing all the API interface applications for engineering test, and an Android application for the test drivers to access from their mobile devices.  Once enginering testing is complete, this system will be integrated into KIA's production system, ensuring each trip is optimized (you don't want to run out of power half way to your destination) and to optimize the recharging of the vehicle (you don't want to recharge a vechile when the battery does not require being "topped off.")

For more information, please contact Avram Grossman at E-Novative



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