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Kia Motors Electric Soul

E-Novative, in cooperation with the Advanced Energy Research group at UCI, received a contract with Kia Motors and the AQMD.  This project is testing a method to better manage and regulate the recharging of vehicles based on a number of factors: demand and cost of electricity on the power where the charging stations are located; anticipated trips and distance; and control of the vehicles charging when plugged into a charge station.

To accomplish this, ENI designed a number of programs; an API that communicates with the KIA UVO system what 'talks' to each vehicle, collecting status which includes current mileage, battery levels, is it connected to charger and which type of charger, and other parameters.  This data is summarized in a database table that is then analyzed by a UCI-written program, and commands returned to the application that regulates the charging via API.

This real-time multi-tasking system polls each vehicle every 5 minutes.  Initial testing shows that this algorythm can decrease power usage, decrease cost of charging, and improve battery life in the vehicle.

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